Knowledge base

Removal pathways
Climate impacts
Tipping points in the climate system:
Carbon removal accounting
Carbon Dioxide Removal Primer, online book with great overview and analysis.
(Carbon)plan, a non-profit that analyzes climate solutions based on the best available science and data.
Empirical crediting, remote and AI sensing
Permanence / Ton-year accounting
Calculation notes, sources and resources
From Soil Organic Matter to Soil Organic Carbon:
UN frameworks
IPCC The Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (TFI), Taskforce developing internationally agreed emission and removal accounting
EU Frameworks
Voluntary methods and standards
Registries and Ledgers
Financial frameworks
Carbon Credits
Offsetting (and its challenges)
Removal market and pricing
(Carbon)plan's database
PwC 2021. The Race is On: commodity traders race into 'Clean Energy' markets.
PwC 2021. Emissions trading systems: The opportunities ahead.
Prices at
Corporate frameworks and initiatives
Corporate Buyers
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